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The Power Of Marketing Your Business On TikTok

When using this platform, you might want to use what's trending to market your product. It is not a crime to mimic a trend for the benefit of growing or marketing your product. TikTok users do it all the time, provided it is fun, exciting, and even transparent. There are lots of exciting trends currently happening on TikTok that you can work with. If you check properly, those videos are usually between 15-60 seconds with all the necessary information inside that timeframe.

TikTok is a platform that can bring serious revenue to your business. However, people fail at doing the right things to help in marketing their business. It is always important to be updated with what's trending and follow suit.

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Why You Shouldn't Sleep On Posting Your Business On Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform – Pin It.

Allow it to sink in, I never thought about it in that light but suddenly realize, Pinterest is used as Google but with better specifics if that means anything.

For example, imagine you are looking for how to lose weight in 7 days. Yes, Google has all the answers, but it takes you time to scout through the titles and descriptions for the one that's for you.

Now, input the same title on Pinterest, and immediately you are hit with countless boards of exercises, drinks, and many more. The images instantly speak and motivate you.

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How To Leverage SMS Marketing To Increase Sales
Why is a business existing if it can't make sales? Oftentimes, businesses don't know the right tool to use which can help them increase sales. Imagine a company that leverages SMS marketing to increase sales and one that doesn't. Why one company is growing and gaining more audience, the other is left wondering what is wrong or how to make a change. Before we go deep into the topic, just think about who still shops without using his or her phones? Well, the answer would be non right?
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The IG Feature You Don't Want To Sleep On

How to knock it out of the park with Reels?

Now we are here, and regardless of the striking similarity with Tik Tok, Reels is not anything like it. It is unique, has its own features, and if you are working with it, these tips will help.

    • Make an impression with every video – okay, let’s make one thing clear. One video will make you go viral, and another will bring you crashing like a pack of cards. So be sure of what you want the world to see and make it original and fluid.
    • Use suspense to trigger an emptiness of more in your audience – It is a brief video to keep your audience guessing and wanting more. Use stickers, introduce polls, or pop a mind-boggling question to get your audience to comment.
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