The Power Of Marketing Your Business On TikTok

The Power Of Marketing Your Business On TikTok

The era of marketing your business locally is slowly becoming obsolete. Do you know why your competitor has an edge over you? It's because they have found a way to market their products in a fun and exciting way. Business owners underestimate the power of a social media platform such as TikTok. It would interest you to know that this platform has over 800 million active users. Now, just pause for a second and let that number sink in. Imagine how big that business could be if you carry a different strategy?

Now, who says TikTok is for "children" doesn't have his or her facts right, as over 38% of users are well over 35 years and above. So with all that, why wouldn't anyone want to jump at this opportunity to grow their business? Well, that's rhetorical.

Not to sound too promotional, but you need to check the number of downloads on the device your using to tell you how many people are intrigued by this platform. So, do you need to market your business? I bet you do, which is why the following tips are just what you need to market your business on TikTok.

Tips to Market Your Business on TikTok 

  • Creating authentic content: The interesting thing about authentic content is that when created it spreads so fast and it reaches millions of people in a short period. If you've ever stumbled on other social media platforms, it would be quite glaring that most of those contents were gotten from TikTok. But now, as a marketer that intends to create awareness of your business, it is important to do content that is not too serious, but rather exciting. TikTok users are more likely to watch interesting content than one that is boring. Interesting content invariably boosts your audience and puts it ahead so that more users can be drawn to it.
  • Use the right hashtag: Hashtag is just a way of making your content accessible. For instance, lets assume you sell a skin care product and you want to market it. To be more noticed, your hashtag could be #skincareprodcuts, #beautifulskin. So, that's just how a hashtag should look like, as there is no spacing required and its straight to the point. Which  is why if you want to market your business on TikTok, you have to consider using the right hashtags.
  • Influencers collaboration: Imagine you want to market your product, and so you meet a random guy on TikTok with fewer or no friends and you expect your business to expand? Well, it is important to locate someone quite popular to avoid making your business stagnant. TikTok influencers have a broad fan base and with just a post of your video, it can get to a lot of users on the platform. So, the ideal thing to do would be to form a collaboration with an influencer and maybe offer a commission on what you intend to market. They can even offer to give you an insight on the best approach to take that would help your business become popular on the platform.
  • TikTok Ads: Another interesting way to market your business on this platform is through Ads. What even makes it interesting is that there is no need to start building an audience as all that is expected of you here is to have an ad campaign set up. There are five different kinds of ad products and it all comes down to which one you deem fit to use. The five are; Top view ads, In-feeds ads, Branded effects, Branded hashtags, and lastly, Brand takeover.
  • Do a challenge: Everyone would jump at an exciting challenge. A good strategy would be to have TikTok users upload a video about that challenge. Have you heard of that silhouette challenge? I'm sure you have, naughty you. To make it a bit more fun, you can have them tag four or a few of their friends. That way, you are not only creating an exciting challenge, but also you are invariably marketing your business. This method has a high success rate and overtime been successful for lots of marketers.

When using this platform, you might want to use what's trending to market your product. It is not a crime to mimic a trend for the benefit of growing or marketing your product. TikTok users do it all the time, provided it is fun, exciting, and even transparent. There are lots of exciting trends currently happening on TikTok that you can work with. If you check properly, those videos are usually between 15-60 seconds with all the necessary information inside that timeframe.


TikTok is a platform that can bring serious revenue to your business. However, people fail at doing the right things to help in marketing their business. It is always important to be updated with what's trending and follow suit.

To this effect, it is important to utilize the aforementioned tips as they can determine the growth and expansion of your business, which can lead to high revenue for that business.  

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