Why You Shouldn't Sleep On Posting Your Business On Pinterest

Why You Shouldn't Sleep On Posting Your Business On Pinterest


Well, because a picture says more than words and people are drawn in by images rather than a bunch of texts.

Don’t look at me like that. You know it is true. 


Besides the technical gibberish of online marketing and building a flourishing social media strata, people love to see than read.

Believe it if you like or how else is Instagram such a success. However, we are not here for that, but for Pinterest.


In this article, there are some did-you-know, but we will do that by pinning them at strategic locations (get it, Pin It).


So as I write the reasons you shouldn’t sleep on posting your business on Pinterest, I came across this singular line that explained why you should not.


Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform – Pin It.

Allow it to sink in, I never thought about it in that light but suddenly realize, Pinterest is used as Google but with better specifics if that means anything.

For example, imagine you are looking for how to lose weight in 7 days. Yes, Google has all the answers, but it takes you time to scout through the titles and descriptions for the one that's for you.

Now, input the same title on Pinterest, and immediately you are hit with countless boards of exercises, drinks, and many more. The images instantly speak and motivate you.

This is what Pinterest does, lures you in and captivates you to make a decision immediately. 


A pin attracts, triggers an emotion, and stimulates a reaction. (PIN IT).

That was a mouthful, but that is Pinterest for you.


Although Pinterest ranks 14th among other social media platforms, it is the most popular site with 478 million monthly users. A far cry in number from social media giants Facebook and Instagram but growing exponentially, and it will be crazy if you let this slide.


If you have an online business page without a Pinterest account, you are losing out on a lot. Pinterest is an even playing ground for every brand and offers a unique proposition to marketers, unlike other social media/ marketing.


So if you are ready, start PINNING.


Why Pinterest?

It is a visual search engine that allows for effective planning and productivity tool to achieve your marketing dreams.

It is easier to go viral on Pinterest than on other platforms

Every publicity is good publicity, and it is easily achieved on Pinterest. If you like going viral, this is your opportunity to do just that. 

Pinning is Pinterest’s way of posting. When you pin relevant content, people help you repin it to people that need or want it.


More than 80% of pins on Pinterest are repined (PIN IT), 

This makes marketing and sales simpler on this platform. So if you are lucky to have a fascinating post repined, you can go from obscure to visible in hours. And if you have something good to offer, you should be dancing to the bank in no time.


Speaking about selling, this is why you should never sleep on your Pinterest post.


Selling on Pinterest

87% of pinners are there to shop. People come to Pinterest to satisfy a passion and burning desire with a solid conviction that answers are here. 

Additionally, potential customers are not on Pinterest for a particular brand. In fact, most searches are unbranded until they discover what new ideas of pins tickle their fancy.

With 95% of Pinterest's top searches unbranded, there is an even playing field for everyone, including you.

When developing a marketing strategy for Pinterest, target early buyers that need your products & services. This avoids the complications of an upsell or hard sell and enables you to showcase the benefits of your products or services.


Your content does the hard work.

In 2019, over 200 million posts were pinned on Pinterest, and advertisers can reach 200 million people by simply posting a pin. The exceptional visual impact of Pinterest cannot be underrated, and it is glaring too. 

Additionally, this platform allows you to play around with your boards by organizing content suitable for your followers. 

If a pin gets more saves and repins, you know it is working; they go on top, allowing visitors to see the best before the rest.

Furthermore, if you are not the talking type, Pinterest is all that your need to grow. Using well-optimized images, you pin about your likes, businesses, and opinions without saying a word. 


An old, good pin (legacy pin) will continue to drive traffic months/years after the first pin – PIN IT.

Moving on!


You need new pins to stay on the radar.

Like every social media marketing platform, Pinterest also cares about SEO, keywords, pin relevance, and duration. 

As more people visit the platform, they want fresh, funky, and fun pins.

You definitely do not want to have a pin of 2017 still saved on your page without any freshness from other posts.


What are fresh pins?

These are never before seen images or videos about what you do or offer to the general community. It can be something from your blog, a web page, or from the past that people are not aware of yet. Secondly, talking about fresh images, it must be relevant and keyword-oriented to target the demographic and get repined.


It is the best platform for Referral.

Whether you are on Pinterest to sell or promote yourself and services, if you are marketing, then it is the best. With over 2 billion searches and 28% of global marketing relying on it, you cannot beat Pinterest and its incredible referral potentials. 


Yes, it does have competition, but Pinterest drives over 33% more referral than Facebook, and 2 out of every 5 shoppers say they use Pinterest for shopping. PIN IT.

If you are worried that you might lose touch with other significant pages while on Pinterest, do not worry.


The good thing about this platform is the seamless integration with other mediums like Twitter, Facebook, or even your web page. When you make a post, it is instantly visible on pages and platforms integrated into it.


Whether to know what is trending or pursue a lead or create awareness, Pinterest allows you to knock it out of the park effortlessly.


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