How To Leverage SMS Marketing To Increase Sales

How To Leverage SMS Marketing To Increase Sales

Why is a business existing if it can't make sales? Oftentimes, businesses don't know the right tool to use which can help them increase sales. Imagine a company that leverages SMS marketing to increase sales and one that doesn't. Why one company is growing and gaining more audience, the other is left wondering what is wrong or how to make a change. Before we go deep into the topic, just think about who still shops without using his or her phones? Well, the answer would be non right?

So, to this effect, there are some tips to help you increase sales through SMS marketing. But first, you need to ask certain questions like; Are you curious and would want to know more? Or prepared are you to increase sales? Then keep reading this article as you certainly would gain more insight on the best ways you can increase sales.

Tips to increase sales through SMS marketing 

  • Know thy customer:  There was a case of a customer who has the intention to purchase an electric kettle. However, the salesman didn't ask the right question and so brought a microwave instead. Imagine how embarrassing that was. When they always preach about knowing your customer and what they want, most times, people always throw a deaf ear to it, thinking they know what they need. The world is growing and there are several apps to use to aid the process. A good example is the customer relationship management (CRM) app. Getting the right message across to the right customer cannot be overemphasized. It is important to study the purchase history and know the location-based demographics. That way, you do not end up recommending the wrong product to a person who is not within your community or vicinity depending on where you are.
  • Write clear messages: Do you know how annoying it is when you open a message and you see a tail of long history that at the end of the day, you leave the reader confused. It is always a good thing to just go straight to the point. Because people are either busy or lack the patience to keep reading. Always, if you are thinking of creating a long epistle message, then sorry to burst your bubbles as you are most times granted just 160 characters to let your intentions known. Some readers get put off easily when they come across a poorly constructed message. Little details that you feel aren't important might just be the stumbling block to your success.
  • Try using a call-to-action button: Do you know that you can increase your customer engagement if you use a call to action with your SMS marketing text. After all, let's face it you definitely would want them to be engaged. When we talk about being engaged, that means they should not only read the sent text but also interact with them. A call to action text is usually in the manner below:
  • "Click here": This is rather instructive as you may have added information that you would want to pass across to a customer.
  • "Buy now": Imagine coming across a text and your like "cool product" then towards the end of the text you see a call to action"buy now". That would not only draw your attention but also refresh your mind towards that product as you may want to get more curious about that product. This CTA can bring about an increase in sales.
  • Other CTA can be "Text-to-vote" or even "Text-to-win" 


  • Let your timing be spot-on: The reason why people fail to make appropriate sales even when leveraging SMS marketing is that they fail to get their timing correctly. Now, imagine you have a show or an event in the evening, and you send a message to a client early in the morning to remind him or her. Well, the chances are the client might end up forgetting, because who wouldn't especially if the rest of the person's day is a bit hectic. In this kind of situation, the appropriate time to send a message would be in the afternoon. One thing you should bear in mind is that clients would turn up to that event or respond to sales when they are put on the spot.
  • Create an SMS marketing Team: let's be factual, a marketing team has its benefits and can shoot up sales, don't you agree. Well, your team would have to include; a retail expert, a promotion specialist, an SMS marketing expert, and a few more personnel who are experts and are needed for your team.
  • Prioritize your best clients: No one likes a client that doesn't turn up for you when you need them to. The interesting thing about your best clients is that they are not only loyal but are very consistent and would be patronizing you.  When you have a client you can rely on, it is expected that you channel your energy and focus on them. They are dependable and so you should give them the attention they need.

In conclusion, every business wants to make sales most especially through leveraging SMS marketing. To this effect, the aforementioned tips are less there to help you boost sales. When sales keep increasing, the cash in-flow keeps increasing as well. So, without any doubt, it is expected that you understand these tips and channel them to starting getting sales.  


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