The IG Feature You Don't Want To Sleep On

The IG Feature You Don't Want To Sleep On

Being an online marketer is all about reaching out to your customers and keeping them engaged for a long or as short as possible.


Tik Tok has a cousin (whistling a nursery rhyme in my head). Whether you are new to social media or not, you should know the battle is not for the faint-hearted, and Facebook just pulled the rug from underneath Tik Tok’s feet with Instagram reels.


If you are on Instagram and not using this incredible feature, you are losing out. You should know that Instagram marketers in 50 countries around the globe are already engaging and building their followers base using Instagram reels.


Reels are similar to another excellent Instagram feature, Instagram Stories. However, you get only 15 seconds to record, edit and share short videos added to your Instagram Explorer feed if your account is public.


Now you might be asking why to use another Instagram feature after all the ones you are currently using.


Common, like seriously. When something new is happening on social media, you have to be part of it. However, if you have a large following on Instagram, there is no need to build a following on Tik Tok; this is where Instagram reels come in.

Since you are on Tik Tok, creating high-quality videos with Instagram Reels is a piece of cake, but if you are just learning about it, we’ve got your back.


In this article, we will tell a bit about it and how to reach with the Reels. That sounded like a purr.


What is Instagram Reels?

If you have a fabulous selfie face, this is your time to shine and make some money on Instagram. Reels allow you to create super fun, exciting, and precise videos running either at high speed or in slow motion. These videos are honest, truthful, and capture a particular demographic in 15 seconds.

15-seconds is too short, especially since Tik Tok offers more time, but big brands like Louis Vuitton are already using it to grab the best following on Instagram.


Why should you use Instagram Reels?

  • It offers incredible editing tools.
  • You get to choose your own background music or choose one from the Instagram music library to play in your clip.
  • Go fast or slow to add effect to your videos.
  • Get access to special filters and effects from Instagram’s library 
  • Enjoy immense video speed and length control
  • Ability to combine, align and trim multiple videos to seamlessly pass your passage.


Why you need Reels to reach out?

Videos are the IT thing now; nobody, and we mean no one, has the time to read a bunch of text.

Can’t say the world is becoming lazy, but we love good images, and Reels accords you just that. After all, other social media platforms have a video option, including Facebook and Pinterest.


How does this help you further you reach?

  • You get the opportunity of breaking into newer territories and audiences that love the video either for the message, music, or just how talented you are as videography.
  • It is the perfect digital means outside the complicated features on Instagram to increase engagement and interaction with your videos.
  • It is an easier way to track viewing rates.
  • Reels are forever saved on your page, and hopefully, you get to monitor what works or do not as you grow.


How to knock it out of the park with Reels?

Now we are here, and regardless of the striking similarity with Tik Tok, Reels is not anything like it. It is unique, has its own features, and if you are working with it, these tips will help.

  • Make an impression with every video – okay, let’s make one thing clear. One video will make you go viral, and another will bring you crashing like a pack of cards. So be sure of what you want the world to see and make it original and fluid.
  • Use suspense to trigger an emptiness of more in your audience – It is a brief video to keep your audience guessing and wanting more. Use stickers, introduce polls, or pop a mind-boggling question to get your audience to comment.
  • Check out trending hashtags and keywords for your niche – you do not want to be walking blind with the Reels.
  • Add your logo or a watermark to brand your videos.


Well, this is about it, and if you use it intelligently and skillfully, you will reel in a whole audience, improve engagement, expand your marketing strategy and boost sales.

 What are you waiting for? Start reeling with Instagram Reels.


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