The Ultimate Facebook Ads Masterclass

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Masterclass

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🚀 We don't say that this is the LAST Facebook ads class you'll need for no reason! Learning the skill of running ads can be DAUNTING for many. We've simplified that learning curve for you in this hour and a half long class more than you could ever imagine!

👉🏽 Here's the tea that you can expect to be spilled:

💎 Truly understanding the Facebook ads Manager and creating your first Facebook + Instagram ad from beginning to end.

💎 How to thoroughly analyze your Facebook ads data. 

💎 How to maximize your ad budget using CBO or ABO campaigns

💎 How to view your competitors ads and MORE!

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''Implementing what I learn from Jasx I scaled my business to $10k in 2 MONTHS! I firmly believe in being a student to my brand so Ive invested in MANY ebooks, masterclasses, courses etc. from ppl but nothing compares. Money cant buy what she offers.''


''One of the best investments I’ve ever made. Jasx has helped me with marketing, branding, content and product creation. You learn, implement and see results. A true business blueprint.''


''Jasx has been amazing! I have learned so much about branding & marketing. Sales have definitely been up since implementing her strategies. Forever grateful!''