Jasx Aigner

Plus Size Clothing Manufacturers


As I spoke with numerous women both wanting to start fashion brands and being in love with fashion period, I found that they both have one thing in common. The struggle of finding CUTE plus size clothing! Seeing as though, I'm particularly not in the plus size market, it's never been a void for me to fill. That is until now. 

After my trip to the LA's Fashion District, I made it my mission to find plus size clothing that even I would wear! And I won't lie to you, it was extremely difficult. From looking for a certain quality, to looking for a certain look, let's just say there was a struggle...

After lots of research, I've finally found some plus size wholesalers that carries both the quality and trendy pieces that any girl would love. This catalog will grant you access to 5 plus size wholesalers. They offer an array of options for anyone looking to buy or sell trendy plus size fashion items.

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