Jasx Aigner

My Personal Freelancers

$150 $400
Get direct access to 7 of the freelancers I PERSONALLY use consistently in my business. These are some of the masterminds apart of how I'm able to create the magic that you guys continue to love so much!
Using their services has helped me in many different ways. Just to name a few, I've been able to improve my SEO ranking with Google (which leads to more organic traffic from the #1 search engine), scale very quickly using influencer marketing at little to no cost to start, put out amazing content that gets my audience to convert and MORE!
Freelancers mentioned in this gem filled resource:
  • My Blog Writer
  • Scout For Finding The Right Influencers For My Business
  • My Graphic Designer For Custom Instagram Posts
  • My Email Sequence Writer
  • My Graphic Designer For Flyers
  • Writer for Professional Biographies, Product Descriptions, About Us Pages, etc.

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