Jasx Aigner

Making Money In Your Sleep - A Digital Trapper's Manual


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What's the definition of a Digital Trapper?

A digital trapper is someone trappin in these internet streets! They get paid in their SLEEP on the regular.

How do I know if I'm fit to become a Digital Trapper?

Are you somebody who wants to make money everyday? Do you want to get paid even if you're sleep, sick, on vacation or just don't feel like doing sh!t?! Then you're made for it.

How do I get started on becoming a Digital Trapper??

The answers lie in the pages below..


Have you ever wondered how people get to travel wherever, whenever they want? Buy whatever it is they set their eyes on? Let me just tell you this, some people aren't just '' doin it for the gram '' they REALLY doin it! This eBook was created as a guideline for people looking to become a Digital Trapper themselves and live life on THEIR terms. Let's get into it!

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