1-on-1 Monthly Mentorship (3 Month Committment)

1-on-1 Monthly Mentorship (3 Month Committment)

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For the first time ever, Jasx has decided to offer an opportunity for only TWO very special people to be mentored by her one on one. This mentorship is private and will not be held in a group setting. 

There is a minimum requirement of 3 months to secure your spot as a mentee. This mentorship is specifically for individuals building an ecommerce brand and either have a Shopify store or are planning to open one.

A few of the many things you can expect to learn and implement while working with Jasx personally is branding, content creation, sales funnels, marketing strategies, delegating tasks, website optimization and much much more.

This will be a very hands on and intimate experience as you will have direct access to Jasx. After your spot has been secured, you will be contacted by a member of our staff and a private introductory zoom call will be scheduled for next steps.

This mentorship officially begins in January and completes once 1st quarter comes to an end. The month of December will be spent gathering much needed information about you, your goals and your current depth of knowledge to move forward properly.

As mentioned prior, this is a MANDATORY 3 month commitment bringing your total investment to $7,500. The next monthly payment will not be required until February of 2023.