The Importance of Having a Solid Brand on Instagram

When you are on Instagram, you would not want to get lost in the crowd. You have to stand out or you lose relevance. Everyone is doing something and many people are doing the same thing. It goes without saying that everyone has something they are known for. Everyone has a brand; an identity. It might be good, bad, formal, informal or anything at all. It is easy to blend with the background and get lost in the bigger picture if you do not create a good brand for yourself. But with a solid brand on Instagram, you will not blend with the background. You will not get lost in the bigger picture, you become the bigger picture.


What is a Brand?

Simply equating brand to identity may not do full justice to the scope and importance of what a brand is. A more encompassing definition of a brand goes thus:

A brand includes all features of a body or an organization that makes it distinctive from other organizations in the same industry. A brand creates an image in the mind of the target audience. The image created in the mind of the target audience usually translates to value for the organization.

If you look into different industries, you will find that many household names are ahead of the rest because of their brand. In the soda drinks industry, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have the top brands. These 2 companies have more value and make more profit than others in the same industry because of their brand.

In the electronics industry, Samsung and LG are some of the top names. These are the names many people will look towards before they consider other brands. Worldwide famous musician Rihanna had a brand as a top singer. Then she transferred that brand into her cosmetics line and this has worked for her. That is what a brand is. To stand out and be able to influence things just because you are.


Why is it important to have a solid brand on Instagram?

There are many reasons for you to have a solid brand on Instagram. Of course, the end-point is for you to get more value for your business, your organization, or yourself. Some of the reasons are discussed below.

  • Visibility:

On Instagram, you are exposed to about 1 billion users all around the world. Your brand is visible to about 1 billion monthly users all over the world, which makes at least 13 % of the population. But, Instagram visibility is prioritized. Not every one of the 1 billion users will get to see your brand. In fact, in your industry, there will be other brands to compete with your brand for visibility. But if your brand is unique, people will not wait to see you, they will look for you.

In the same industry, you and your competitors are likely to use similar hashtags since you offer similar services. But the distinction comes when you have a solid brand. When you can offer something that people want, something your competitors cannot offer. It changes things for you. People keep coming back for your brand, they keep searching for that hashtag unique to your brand. Your visibility becomes prioritized at this point.

Like many other web services, Instagram has algorithms. The algorithm for visibility uses metrics for prioritization. Some of the metrics it uses to improve visibility are search volume and engagement. The more people keep coming back to interact or search for your brand, the higher the number of times your brand is made visible.

For instance, when you search for mobile devices on Instagram, you are more likely to see something about Apple products or Samsung products. These 2 businesses have unique brands. For one, their phones have some of the best cameras in the world. This is part of what contributes to the solidity of their brand.

  • Audience:

Every organization, business, or body has a target audience. For instance, Rihanna’s Fenty cosmetics’ target audience is mainly women. The success of this brand is dependent on how much of her target audience she can attract. The volume of the target audience she can attract depends on the solidity of her brand. 

When your brand is solid, your brand is specific, and people know what you can offer. If what you can offer is what they want, you attract them to yourself. But if your brand is vague, your brand’s name might only pop up as an afterthought. With that, you are unlikely to get much of your target audience if you get any.

  • For Business Growth:

If your business started off Instagram, in a small area perhaps, your reach would have been limited. But when you get on Instagram, this reach can grow geometrically. When your reach grows, you have more customers. When you have more customers, you can make more profit. But, your reach will not grow magically, you have to put in the effort. One way to increase your reach is to create a brand that stands out. When you create such a brand, you increase your visibility. When you are more visible, your audience will grow. When your audience grows, you can have more customers. When you have more customers, you can make more profit and when you make more profit, your business can grow.


Instagram is one place where you can put yourself out there with words and visuals (pictures and videos). So, it is necessary to have a total brand. You should have unique content and great pictures & videos to match. Doing these help make your brand solid.

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