Instagram Marketing: How to Do It Right

Marketing is referred to as activities undertaken to promote and enhance sales or buying of product or service. Marketing is comprehensive it includes advertising, supplying, selling and getting products that have been ordered for to the door of consumers. It involves all the steps, actions, activities undertaken by an establishment or vendor to pull new customers and retain them.

Basically, what marketing does to a business is that it seeks to find the right audience for its products and services thereby increasing the customer base of individuals who want access to what the company offers.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is so popular today because it is an image first app and its acceptability has proven that humans are highly responsive to imagery. Apparently, people would rather choose to interpret imagery or visual information over written information or audios. This can be said to be the reason for the success of visual marketing and why [in particular] influencer marketing have had a good run over time. To top it up, today’s world has gone mobile; we are now living in a smart society where people prefer to get things done from their smartphones. Instagram, in the light of this, is designed for mobile phone; in actual fact, some Instagram features are restricted when accessed via desktop or laptop computer.

What Makes Instagram Important for Marketing?

Instagram within few years of lunch immediately climbed up to 150 million active users, and today it has grown 10 times. In 2018 Instagram was reported to have reached ‘1 billion mark’ of monthly active users which was a big milestones. The business terrain is changing as we have witnessed over time. The need to effectively engage with customers and audience generally has become more important today considering the ever increasing competitiveness of businesses. It is not only important for survival in the market but more necessary it is needed for the smooth running of your business. It is unsurprising that 60% of the world’s leading brands are harnessing the Instagram space for effectively marketing.

The following Instagram statistics would blow your mind:

  • According to Statista, 2018: Instagram boasts of 1 billion monthly active users, out of which more than 500 million of them engage on the platform daily.
  • An average Instagram user spends 53 minutes per day on the platform 
  • A survey, by some 89%, suggested that Instagram was the most important of all the social media platforms for influencer marketing and also pointed that the influencer market is not fully exhausted which encouraging for more brands to jump on Instagram marketing opportunities.

Experts have predicted Instagram to, by 2020; beat Facebook in the contest for the best social networking app. Let’s look at some of the reasons this may be so.

Instagram VS Facebook

Instagram growth rate is incredibly higher compare to Facebook. It is growing at an amazing speed, with its users increasing day in day out. Here are some of the reasons Instagram may be leading the pack.

  • Speaking of engagement rate: A study showed that average likes per post on Facebook is lower than average likes per post on Instagram.
  • On User Experience: We agree that Instagram is a lot easier to maneuver than you would on Facebook; since its main activity is posting images; the User interface is so uniquely designed to discharge this duty. 
  • Privacy: You can really make your account personal on Instagram; you can choose who is allowed to follow you. Whereas on Facebook it is plausible for people to jump into your wall and check out your activities. 

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Instagram Marketing

Before you begin your journey on Instagram marketing, the first thing you want to ensure is that you’re running an Instagram business account. So, first off:

  • Change to a business profile immediately

I may not be able to tell which is easier to make; a hot coffee or a switch to a business account on Instagram. Hope you get what I mean? It is that easy; simply maneuver to setting and look for where to switch to business profile. Switching to business profile offers you some clear benefits a non-business account could not; such as being able to publish Instagram ads, as well as accessing Instagram analytics tools that offer stats on impressions and reach which ultimately would help to track metrics and  gain better understanding of your audience.

  • Update your profile

See, a profile bio that is well written can make you ‘hit home a run’. Your profile bio should be made to give a good first impression and get people to want to follow you. Ensure your brand personality –as much as possible –is captured in your bio.

  • Make the most of free Instagram tools

Those free analytical tools on Instagram are important for tracking audience; they can be used to understand in details how users are interacting with your post. The more you’re able to track users’ interactions the easier it becomes to adjust your contents for increased engagement.

  • Harness the benefits of Instagram stories

Do you know that one third of the most viewed stories on Instagram are posted by businesses? Instagram stories wield marketing power and this suggests why more than half of businesses on Instagram make the most of them.

  • Set up a sponsored ads

Instagram ad is now the name of the game and the order of the day; more interestingly is the fact that you can work on a budget. Being able to set an ad budget helps you to control and manage how much you wish to expend on the ads.

  • Consider partnering with influencers

Engaging an influencer can help to scale up your credibility whilst at the same time showcasing your brand to a wide reach of new audience. It has been said that 19% of American consumers went ahead to make an order because a blogger or influencer recommended them.

Bottom line

The tips highlighted above are one size fits all for all brands. They are some of the best practices an average online-vendor on Instagram can engaged for a successful marketing. But all in all, when you implement an Instagram marketing strategy do make sure to track the appropriate metrics that’d help you to see how the strategy is pulling off. 

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