6 Ways To Build And Position Your Brand On Instagram

If your business does not have an Instagram presence in 2020, your excuse had better be legit. Instagram is the marketing and recognition hub for businesses and brands across the globe pursuing success.

While there are other social media sites, Instagram has proven effective in exposing brands and their service better than other social media platforms.

Instagram has over a billion monthly users, with a projected user number of over 112 million users in the US alone.

Out of the 1 billion Instagram monthly visitors is a whopping 1/3 of them checking out businesses, brands, and their stories. That is almost 333,000 people looking through brands to do business with.

If you don’t have a brand or position on Instagram yet, you are missing out on the fastest-growing engagement platform better than Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest combined together.

What are the best ways to build and position your brand?

Use the right strategy

Having the wrong (not necessarily) strategy can be the beginning of your downfall for you and your brand on Instagram. Instagram has a variety of tools that any brand can use to pursue and establish themselves on the platform. One of such tools is Instagram Stories. As a visually empowering platform where businesses, brands, and products are in competition, a good story should capture the viewer’s attention. By taking advantage of this, marketers can use captivating stories to hook visitors to their stay longer or make another visit to their page.

This does not only builds your online presence but gives your brand a better voice on the platform. With more than 500 million daily users, it is a great way to position and build your brand.

Know your brand demography

Many people view Instagram as other social media platforms and it is not. If you do not define your audience, you cannot determine the right strategy to capture them. Instagram is visited by young users 18- 35 years old, and they are looking for practicality and efficiency. 

Furthermore, knowing your audience allows you to identify your competition, their brand strategy, and enables you to create an approach that will build your brand. One way of positioning your brand is to follow your competition's followers. 


Follow the competition

As mentioned above, following your competition’s follower is the best strategy for locating brands and customers interested in what you do. Brand building is to have the right customers behind you. If you are new to Instagram, this is the only way to do it. Furthermore, by following your competition’s followers, you are looking for a follow back or a comment that will boost your brand to the next level.

Do not be shy to relate with influencers, follow them, comment on their page, like what they post, and stand out while doing it. You are bound to get noticed one day.


Befriend your followers

As a brand on Instagram, followership is essential in building your name. The best way is to befriend your followers, the ones relevant to building your brand. This opens room for conversations, transparency, and a business relationship that will announce your brand beyond the platform.

Consistency is key

Branding is consistency and vice versa. Followers should remember you for who you are yesterday and always. Consistency involves the whole nine yards on Instagram, from the time you post on your page, messages, stories, and more. Customers looking to associate with your brand want to see fluidity, what you are all about, and who is behind the brand.

Avoid using bots to do your job; it throws off to your potential clients. With that said, show your products and services by speaking passionately about it. Also, be as excited as your customers when showcasing something new to your audience. For example, if you are all about a plant-based diet, follower influencers who are creating a buzz about the diet. Show them what you have by sharing your story about how it impacted your life and how the brand can help others.


Hashtag It Smartly

It is easy to be number one today, and nobody tomorrow on Instagram. So to avoid been buried with the rest, let hashtags be your friend, but use them smartly and wisely. With hashtags, you can increase your brand’s shelf-life and retain a top and relevant position on the platform.

To start using hashtags, filter out keywords that will not boost to your brand and use words that will bring your brand into the light.

Capture your stories, images, and videos with the right hashtags so that it remains relevant on Insta-search

Repost old videos, images, and stories with trendy hashtags if you feel the content is still relevant to your brand.

Finally, building your brand position on Instagram is doing the right things at the proper time. It takes dedication, persistence, and consistency. If you want to successfully build and position your brand on Instagram, you need to follow the trend and ride the hashtags.

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